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The recent movements from Apple, Google and Samsung indicate that mobile payments are not just simple hype. New technology players in the payment industry are drastically changing the way we pay. There are many concerns about security when a secure element is not involved. How to enable mobile phones without NFC to perform secure NFC payments? Smartphones enabled new perspectives of access and connection, but they still require lots of user interaction. Wearable technologies intend to reduce the need for interaction by actively capturing changes on environment;


Secure Smart Wearable Device

• High security with CC EAL5+

• AES-128 CCM Encryption Algorithm


• Supports all global EMV payment applications

• Enable transportation payments

Smart Sensor

• Integrated sensors to monitor your sleep and track activities.

Move your body!

• Pedometer calibrated for jogging and physical exercises;

• Evaluates the quality of your physical activities and integrates with apps in your phone;

Alerts and Notifications

• Receives calls, messages and event notifications through a BLE link with your smartphone;

Business Case: Public Transportation

• More than 22 cities in China are already using Sharkey for payment on public transportation.

• Sharkey is used in cities like Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou as a more convenient and secure way to pay for bus, trains and subways.

FIDO U2F BLE & NFC Supported

• With BLE & NFC FIDO U2F authentication, you could have your personal ID with you everywhere

• Work well with your iOS and Android smart phones