QR-Code Recognizable OTP with Integrated Camera

WatchQRO is a brand new One-Time-Password(OTP) token, which is based on the technology of built-in camera, digital image processing, QR Code analyzing, Challenge / Response algorithm and transaction signature. It supports three-factor authentication ( static password, One-Time-Password, visual verification), and provides secure login and transaction solution.


• Simply take a shot, instead of inputting long transaction data with keyboard, it automatically analyzes the encrypted QR Code image taken by the camera;

• Can see the transaction data from the token screen and compare the data with the one shown on website. What you sign is what you see;

• Can enjoy the security with random dynamic password and the protection of E-Signature from man-in-the-middle attack;

• Can use WatchQRO in all kinds of OS platforms including Windows/ Linux/ Mac/ Android/ iOS and web browsers including IE/ Firefox/ Safari/ Chrome, etc., without worrying about client software issues;

• Can enjoy easily carrying WatchQRO with a keychain;

General features


• E-signature supported

• 15-key keypad (multi products are available)

• Use password to control the access to the WatchQRO

• Support to be locked after a certain times of wrong PIN authentications

• Support to change PIN via keypad or taking a shot of a QR code image

• Support to unlock PIN via taking a shot of a QR code image

• Support to activate the device via taking a shot of a QR code image

• Support to log in an application via taking a shot of QR code image and generate an OTP code

• E-signature (OTP code) data is 6-8 digits


Hardware Features


LCD Display: 3 lines, 128*64 pixels

Camera: 300K pixels CMOS

Keypad: 15-key

Battery: 220 mAh chargeable battery

Operating Temperature: 0°C - 60°C

Operating Humidity: 10% - 90% RH Non-congealing





• Realize higher security user login and “Sign What You See” transaction solution in comparison with traditional OTP;

• Easily integrate WatchQRO with current OTP authentication system without building a costly and complicated infrastructure;

• Easily deploy the solution and business on all kinds of OS platforms such as Windows/ Mac/ Linux/ iOS/ Android and web browsers such as IE/ Firefox/ Safari/ Chrome, etc.;

• No need to install any client software on end users’ PC, and to care about the upgrading of client software and potential bugs or vulnerabilities resided in the client software;