Special card features@Watchdata

Black Core

Card body is made entirely by colored PVC, makes the full card the same color including edges. User can easy identify the card in wallet.

Shell effect

The shell effect card looks very similar to the real shell. Card shows different graphic pattern under different light angle. The pattern also varies from card to card, makes each card a unique one.

Metal Card

The card is made of real metal, to meet high end customer’s requirement on long life time and differentiate with others. Holograms and magstripe also can be embedded on this card.

Display card

Watchdata display card displays related card transaction, such as remaining balance, payment history or any other customized information. It brings better security, convenience and user experience in the field of cashless payment.


Watchdata’s Non-Card form factor product, it is an alternative product form standard contactless card. The stylish and trendy look, together with its durability makes it very attractive to the end users.

Diamond Card

Watchdata diamond card embedded with real crystal or diamond. This high end elegant card is design especially for the most respectful VIP users.

Metal embedded

Nowadays metal foil can be inserted inside the card body. This special technique let the card have 3D metal effect. Customer can use this technique to emphasize logo or key items on the card.

Metallic foil card

By using full sheet of metallic foil, the entire card can be covered by this particular metallic effect. It dramatically enhanced the overall card appearance.

Transparent and semi-transparent

Transparent PVC enables us to have special transparence card effect. The transparence level can be adjusted by special printing technique.

Golden/silver/sparking Vanish

This is the most price compatible technique that improves the card appearance. Customers can have the golden, silver, sparking effect immediately on the card without cost too much.

Tactile effect

This card has a very rough surface providing a special tactile feeling. Tactile effect can be applied to special area or the entire card.

Hot stamping foil

Quick and easy to deploy, the traditional hot stamping foil can give as many choice as customer needs.

Security features

By using different designing and printing techniques, Watachdata cards support large Varity of security features which can increase the card physical security to a high level. Security features include but not limited to Guilloche, Micro text, Pantone color, hyper