Watchdata Technologies is a recognized pioneer in providing secure digital authentication and transaction solutions for mobile payment, financial services, telecommunication, transportation, retail, identification, e-government, public utility and healthcare applications. With more than 18 years experience, international headquarters in Singapore and offices in every region of the world, we serve business customers in over 50 countries.

Our solutions include EMV smart cards and card readers, NFC contactless mobile payment, SIM cards, micro-SIM, PKI e-banking and financial transaction security, multi-application transportation roaming cards, electronic toll collection systems, M2M machine-to-machine communication and the latest e-government and ID systems, providing secure communication, trusted authentication, identity and data protection, so that we can all communicate, shop, travel, work and play with greater freedom, safety and convenience. Our vision is to provide a trustworthy computing environment for every digital transaction.

Watchdata research teams continuously develop new technologies to provide the most secure and cost-effective digital transaction methods for a rapidly converging electronic world. We pioneered the development of EMV and smart card operating systems, NFC mobile payment solutions, the application of PKI and OCL technologies in USB e-banking security devices, the use of GPS and contactless transactions in toll collection systems, and trustworthy digital authentication methods for a variety of M2M applications. Our mission is continuous innovation to make lifestyles in the digital world more secure and convenient.

Our Mission:
Continuous innovation to make our lifestyles in the digital world more secure and more convenient.

Our Vision:
To lead in providing trustworthy computing environment for every digital interaction.